Glacier’s Edge Council #620

I just got word that the consolidated Four Lakes and Sinnissippi council will now be known as Glacier’s Edge Council #620. While Glacier’s Edge was one of the better names I still don’t like it. I keep trying to picture different patch ideas with no success except for a big white rock.

It will be interesting to see how this new council unfolds. Currently I’m not liking the massive amount of politics. I kept hearing this merger will be good for the kids, but I fail to see how good volunteers quitting is good for the program. I fail to see how blocking a great Assistant Scout Executive, who has proven himself by increasing membership and our friends of scouting campaign, from becoming the new Scout Executive is good for the boys. I guess time will tell.

As of right now I am thinking the best spot for me is to lay low for a while. While I can play the political game, it frustrates me and life is to short to spend time upset about stupid stuff. I do hope that the Lodge consolidation is youth run as I am a bit more passionate about that. I’d hate to see the time and effort of past youth (yes, including myself) thrown to the wayside so some adults look good and keep their jobs. That is something I would stand up and fight against.

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