My Journey in the Military: Yup, Thats Me!

National Guard’s 232nd Military Intelligence Company ordered to active duty

Thirty-seven soldiers of the Wisconsin Army National Guard’s 232nd Military Intelligence Company are being ordered to active duty at the end of the month. Soldiers in the Madison-based unit will report on active duty Oct. 29 and report to Fort Sill, Okla., on Nov. 1. The unit will eventually deploy overseas in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in Afghanistan after mobilization processing and additional training at Fort Sill.

The unit received orders Sept. 23, the day after they were alerted for a possible mobilization.

With this latest mobilization, the Wisconsin Guard will have about 2,910 soldiers and airmen on active duty. Of those, approximately 1,660 are currently deployed overseas and about 1,050 others, including the military intelligence company soldiers, are eventually bound for overseas missions.

The Guard’s remaining 6,500 soldiers and airmen remain ready to provide a wide range of military support in the event of emergencies in Wisconsin or to protect against terrorist threats in the state.

I’ve had to keep this news quiet for the last couple of weeks and it sucked. I got an official sounding phone call from my section sergent on the 22nd, informing me the unit was put on alert. Then less then 24 hours he calls back saying the unit is deploying but I’m not going with. That was hard to deal with but then when I showed up to drill on the 7th, he informed me I was added and now going. A whirl wind of thoughts and emotions…

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