2006 New Year’s Resolutions

Well a new year is upon us which means I have to put together some resolutions for 2006. Due to my deployment I’m going to keep the list short this year.

1. Stay Alive
Being in a combat zone I feel this is important to my health and welfare for the new year.

2. Learn Spanish
Everyone is talking about taking online classes to make progress towards their degrees while we are off duty. I only have two classes left for my major in Social Work: Social Work Practice III. and a Field Experience (internship). Neither of these can be done online or through the mail. I figure learning Spanish will be the most productive thing I can do to help me in the civilian world.

3. Get in Shape
yeah, I had to throw this traditional one in. Doing PT is good but eating three full meals a day with a desk job can cancel out the effects of the PT.

We’ll see how I do!

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