Unsung Heroes in Afghanistan

SGT. Hook has a nice post up about an Afghan, nicknamed “Rambo” that works the first gate of a Forward Operating Base’s Entry Control Point in Afghanistan. Basically the Afghan’s quick action defused a very dangerous situation.

It is stories like this that remind me why I cringe everytime I hear someone say we just need to nuke em’ all. While yes that would remove the threat, it is not a very humane solution to the situation and a lot of good people would be lost. I especially love it when I hear statements like that from supposed god fearing Christians…

When I was deployed to Afghanistan I tried to treat everyone I met like a decent human being. Granted there were some exceptions, but trust me, they deserved it. In Afghanistan we need to win the hearts and minds of the people. Where we accomplish that mission we have less problems and they don’t let the Taliban and other extrimist organization seek refuge.

While the traditional media makes heroes out of celebrities, we can count on the family and friends of those deployed to make the world aware of some of the unsung heroes.

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