3 1/2 Months Later with DealDotCom

In September I had caught a blurb about a new company that was about to open called DealDotCom.com.  They were going to take the concept of Woot.com, a one-day discounted sale, and apply it to internet marketing products.  The kicker with this particular company was they were going to offer a very nice affiliate program, 35% Tier One, and 15% Tier Two.

I decided to take a risk and spend some money promoting the program.  I figured if I could get a decent number of people signed up directly under me, I’d have a good chance of earning quite a bit off of their sign ups.  I understand this is a MLM concept, but two-tier affiliate programs are widely accepted.

It worked!  I was able to recruit a decent network and have made decent money for very little work.

Here is what I’ve earned so far with DealDotCom:

Dan’s 2007 DealDotCom.com Earnings

That is $392.01 for a program that I focused on for 15 days.  Defiantly worth it if you ask me.  Now I know why the serious internet money makers swear by affiliate programs!

I am currently sitting at 62 Tier 1 affiliates, which gave me 263 Tier 2 affiliates.  I am able to rack up the income on their purchases for life which is truly passive income at this point.  Am I totally happy?  No!  If I can keep building my network, I will keep making more money.  I also realize that I need to try and make sure that the people that signed up under me don’t forget about the deals at DealDotCom.  This could be harder, but if I keep promoting it on my sites hopefully they will see it and remember to check back in every once in a while.  I also need to find a way to get some of my Tier One sign ups to review the program so they remind their audience of the site.

If you want to get in on the action, register at DealDotCom (Its free!) and go your account page to get your affiliate link.  If you dig around their blog you will also find banners and additional links you can use to promote their program.

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