Turned Down from Market Leverage

So I’ve been toying around / working on affiliate and web development projects for the last eight years.  Back in College I did a lot more web development and web hosting and slowly started into making sites of my own and monetizing them.  I started making decent money with affiliate programs but those of you know me, my life kind of switched directions and I sold / ignored the majority of my sites for a while.

Lately I’ve started getting back into web development.  I have a couple of blogs going, a membership site in the works, and a few affiliate sites.  I’ve once again started researching the different networks and reading how various folks are making money.  I’ve also toyed with PPC, however I’m not a fan for the amount of time it takes.

After reading about Market Leverage on JohnChow.com and TylerCruz.com I decided I needed to get into their network as its the current “big one”.  I decided to enter Tyler’s contest to see if I could take one of the new sign up prizes.  From reading about Market Leverage I applied on their site and was expecting a phone call.  Now, I’m getting back into this game so I figured I would have to sell myself a little bit in the phone call, but hey, if a guy who doesn’t have a website and is just promoting zip code offers can get in it shouldn’t be a problem, right?

Well, instead of getting a phone call I received this email:

Hello Dan,

Thank you again for applying to MarketLeverage. Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your application at this point. Please contact me with any questions or to receive the specific reason why we can not approve your application at this time.

Sal Guarino

So instead of getting the opportunity to speak to an affiliate manager and talk up some of my past sites, my current sites, and my plans on utilizing Market Leverage to build back up my network of sites, I received an impersonal email from the “President”.

With the way Market Leverage presents itself I wasn’t expecting a form email… disappointing.  Kind of goes against all of the reasons I wanted to be part of their network.  They present themselves as working with bloggers and connecting with their publishers, but can’t even follow through with a phone call?

Looks like I won’t be winning Tyler’s contest…

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