Blog Action Day: Poverty

I just found out today is Blog Action Day.  I’m disappointed I didn’t hear about it earlier, as Poverty is a topic that I am passionate about.  You can often find me wearing my “One Wristband“, to remind myself of the importance of making “Poverty History.”

Since I don’t have a lot of time, all I am asking you to do is watch this video about that was presented in September at the special United Nation’s Summit.  The short film, “Celebrate, Accelerate”, shows the progress on the Millennium Development Goals to date and encourages further, faster commitments going forward.

If you felt “moved”, see what ONE is doing, and how you can help!

1 thought on “Blog Action Day: Poverty”

  1. Blog Action day may be over, but you can still take action for your favorite cause. I think it’s great everyone banned together to support poverty, we need to have a Blog Action year though!

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