Memorial Day 2011

Arlington National Cemetery Section 60As you know this weekend is Memorial Day weekend.  Most Americans are out shopping, getting the boat ready, camping, or just happy for a three day weekend.  I’d ask that you take some time to think about those that have given their lives for what you have right now.  I don’t think it is too much to ask to say a little prayer, attend a ceremony, or visit a memorial.

Corporal Bernard P. Corpuz, you have not been forgotten.

A Pittance of Time on this Veteran’s Day

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of my fellow Veterans.  Being a Veteran its kind of weird saying that, however countless numbers have gone before me, and countless numbers will come after me.

I’d encourage everyone to take “A Pittance of Time” to remember their sacrifices.

On November 11, 1999 Terry Kelly was in a Shoppers Drug Mart store in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. At 10:55 AM an announcement came over the store’s PA asking customers who would still be on the premises at 11:00 AM to give two minutes of silence in respect to the veterans who have sacrificed so much for us.

Terry was impressed with the store’s leadership role in adopting the Legion’s “two minutes of silence” initiative. He felt that the store’s contribution of educating the public to the importance of remembering was commendable.

When eleven o’clock arrived on that day, an announcement was again made asking for the “two minutes of silence” to commence. All customers, with the exception of a man who was accompanied by his young child, showed their respect.

Terry’s anger towards the father for trying to engage the store’s clerk in conversation and for setting a bad example for his child was later channeled into a beautiful piece of work called, “A Pittance of Time”. Terry later recorded “A Pittance of Time” and included it on his full-length music CD, “The Power of the Dream”.

Corporal Bernard P. Corpuz, you have not been forgotten.

Blog Action Day: Poverty

I just found out today is Blog Action Day.  I’m disappointed I didn’t hear about it earlier, as Poverty is a topic that I am passionate about.  You can often find me wearing my “One Wristband“, to remind myself of the importance of making “Poverty History.”

Since I don’t have a lot of time, all I am asking you to do is watch this video about that was presented in September at the special United Nation’s Summit.  The short film, “Celebrate, Accelerate”, shows the progress on the Millennium Development Goals to date and encourages further, faster commitments going forward.

If you felt “moved”, see what ONE is doing, and how you can help!

“Last Lecturer” has Passed On

Randy Pausch, a Professor who was made famous after giving his “last lecture” celebrating his life and lessons learned, has passed away at age 47.

Professor Pausch, taught computer science at Carnegie Mellon University, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in September of 2006. Approximately a year later he gave a 76 minute speech about living life to the fullest and fulfilling childhood dreams.

In case you haven’t seen the lecture yet, here you go:

If only all professors were this passionate! Prof. Pausch brings some good points to the table, here are a few that stuck with me:

  • Have something to bring to the table.
  • The “Brick Walls” are there for a reason. They are not there to keep us out, they are there to let us prove how bad we want things. They are there to stop the other people that don’t want things bad enough.
  • It is important to know when you are in a pissing match, and to get out of it as soon as possible.
  • Let your kids paint their bedroom!
  • Focus on other people not on yourself.
  • Be Prepared: Luck is where preparation meets opportunity.

I haven’t read it yet, but I would encourage you to consider buying The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow. I just purchased it from Amazon, and will hopefully be able to read it during the next month in between my various trainings.

R.I.P. Professor Pausch. My thoughts and prayers are with your family and friends.

Happy Cows?

I thought California was supposed to be home to the happy cows?

Inspectors Verify Abuse of Cows in California

Employees at the now-closed Southern California slaughterhouse where inhumane treatment of cows was captured on a gruesome undercover video committed “egregious violations” of federal animal care regulations, the U.S. Agriculture Department has determined.

Thanks for clearing it up…

From the Sentinel Review in Ontario, Canada:

In an article in Monday’s newspaper, there may have been a misperception about why a Woodstock man is going to Afghanistan on a voluntary mission. Kevin DeClark is going to Afghanistan to gain life experience to become a police officer when he returns, not to shoot guns and blow things up.

The Sentinel-Review apologizes for any embarrassment this may have caused.

My Journey in the Military: Here we go again…

DoD Announces Force Adjustments

The Department of Defense announced today the alert of replacement forces scheduled to deploy in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. The announcement involves three brigades from the Army National Guard consisting of approximately 8,000 personnel.

These brigades will have a security force mission and be assigned tasks which will assure freedom of movement and continuity of operations in the country. Those tasks will include base defense and route security in Iraq and Kuwait.

These units are currently scheduled to begin deployment in the summer of 2009. They are receiving alert orders now in order to provide them the maximum time to complete their preparations. It also provides a greater measure of predictability for family members and flexibility for employers to plan for military service of their employees.

Specific units alerted are:

32nd Brigade Combat Team, Wisconsin National Guard

41st Brigade Combat Team, Oregon National Guard

155th Brigade Combat Team, Mississippi National Guard

Unit deployments reflect the continued commitment of the United States to the security of the Iraqi people. The Department recognizes the continued sacrifices of these units and their family members.

DoD will continue to announce major unit deployments as they are identified and those units are alerted. For information on the units announced today or other units involved in this rotation, please contact Mississippi National Guard Public Affairs at (601) 313-6271, Oregon National Guard Public Affairs at (503) 584-3886 or Wisconsin National Guard Public Affairs at (608) 242-3050.

Happy Veterans Day

Today is Veterans Day. I’d like to think everyone will take a moment publicly or privately to thank those that have served to protect their freedoms. I’d like to think that people could support the Troops without mentioning politics today. I’d like to think there would be no War Protests today. I’d like to think stores won’t take advantage of the “Holiday” and try and draw folks into shopping with super deals. Unfortunately I’m sure I’ll be disappointed.

If you haven’t already seen it, take 11 minutes to watch the following Veteran’s Tribute, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it.

I’ll be taking a moment to salute my fellow Veterans, and those that have passed before us. Please do the same.