Slam the Door on 2007, Walk into 2008

Normally I would have posted two New Years related posts. One would have been reviewing my resolutions from 2007, the other would have been publishing my resolutions for 2008. It appears that I was too busy returning to the US from Afghanistan last year to make or post 2007 New Year’s Resolutions. So I can’t review them.

I will take a moment to recap the year. I returned from my first deployment in Afghanistan and jumped right back into the swing of things with school. I finished out that Spring semester and decided to work at Ed Bryant Scout Reservation for one more summer. After a fun, interesting, and unique summer I wrapped up my schooling with an awesome internship in the Juvenile Services Unit of the Waukesha County Department of Health and Human Services. I graduated on December 21st, 2007 and am currently awaiting my state Social Worker Certification so I can get a “real” job. Yes, a lot happened this past year and I hope that 2008 is a little bit calmer.

On to the fun stuff…

Dan’s New Year’s Resolutions

1) Get in shape! To meet military height / weight requirements I need to loose 35 pounds. I don’t think that is going to happen anytime soon but its a goal that I am going to aim for.

2) Run a 1/2 marathon! I have my eyes set on the Las Vegas Marathon. Since it will be my first one, I’m planning on signing up for the Half Marathon. This will be a pain in my butt / legs since I hate running, but its something I am going to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to talk a few others into giving it a shot with me.

3) Get promoted! I’m sitting at E-4 in the National Guard. I’m pretty sure the only thing holding me back from getting E-5 is myself. I need to pass the APFT on a consistent basis and pay more attention to the physical part of being a soldier. I really haven’t wanted to be promoted, extra responsibility for a couple extra bucks a month, but my attitude has shifted a bit.

4) Strengthen my relationship with my family! I tend not to spend a lot of quality time with my extended family. I’m not the type to pick up the phone just to see how someones doing and I should change that. I also need to learn more about some of the relatives on my Dad’s side of the family, especially my half-sister.

5) Expand Missing Arrow Publishing! I’ve been toying around with this web publishing company for a while now, but I need to start taking it serious. I’ve already shown myself that I can sit down and make a decent profit if I try just a little bit. In 2008 I plan on developing four new sites:,,, and a news website related to going green. I also plan on expanding my experiments with affiliate marketing and strengthen some existing sites: Scouting News, Paper Fun, yesWebmaster, Joke It, and Aracde Rat!

6) Get Married! ok, maybe not… but I need to spice up my social life a bit. Now that I don’t have to worry about going to school and working full time, it should be easier.

7) Keep my Apartment Clean! I am a pile person. I work on stuff and it ends up in a pile, and that pile can sit there for a long time. Not necessarily dirty but it looks cluttered. I don’t want my apartment getting cluttered. Once it starts it just goes down hill.

8 ) Buy a new car! I want to get a car that I don’t have to worry about falling apart or dying on me. This will be one of my first purchases after getting a full time job, as I will need reliable transportation as a Social Worker.

9) Develop my Professional Self! Once I get my first job I want to give it my all. I know in order to be successful you must be knowledgeable so I want to keep learning as I progress in my career. I figure if I never stop learning it will be easier. This will also include Graduate School, but I’m not sure if that will happen in 2008.

10) Volunteer More! I need to give more back to the community. I always enjoy volunteering for various things but didn’t really have the time the last six months. Once I know where I’ll be settling down for a while, I plan on trying to get involved with the Red Cross, the local Scout Troop or Crew, and an organization that is trying to fight poverty.

Well there you have it. My 2008 Resolutions. We will see how I do, I’ve already broke them down into smaller measurable goals so hopefully I will be successful. Time will tell.

Happy New Year!

Lottery Kick

WI Lottery 21BlackjackI’ve kind of been on a lottery kick lately.  I’m not expecting to win a million dollars but playing the various scratch offs are kind of fun, and so far I’ve been breaking even.  Last night I bought $10 worth of scratch offs. I only wanted to spend $5 but all I had was a ten dollar bill.  So I bought a couple $2 tickets and the rest were $1 tickets called 21 Black Jack.  I was getting discouraged but the last one I scratched I won $25.

I’m tempted to try the Lottery Experiment for myself! Maybe next month…


Seth Godin, a respected author, has a post on his blog today referring to NFYB (Not for your Blog). I’d encourage you to read his post but basically he is stating that with everyone having a blog, using twitter, Facebook, etc. we need a way to make certain conversations private.

With journalists this used to be done by saying “off the record”, but I hope everyone knows that when dealing with journalists there is no more “off the record”. Same goes for NFYB. One would hope that the person you are talking to respects you enough and has enough ethics to not publish what you talked about but don’t hold your breath.

It will be interesting to see how much NFYB spreads and the conversations that take place about it.

What I want to do…

Since finishing up at camp I’ve had quite a bit of time to think about life. I suppose it helps that my first internship fell through so I can’t get started with that or start up with a part time job since I may have to move. Anyway I’ve been thinking about what I want to do, and surprisingly enough some of it is the opposite of what I wanted four months ago.

What I want to do:

  • Learn Arabic. Whether it is on my own or at DLI it doesn’t matter anymore.
  • Get in Shape. I’m tired of struggling to pass the APFT, I’m tired of being out of shape.
  • Become a Lifeguard. I don’t know exactly why, but I want to. Maybe its the tan.
  • Revitalize Missing Arrow Publishing. I want to get back into my computer programming hobby.
  • Get Organized. My room is a mess, so my life is a mess.
  • Travel. I want to see the world, see the country, see the state.
  • Read More. I need to learn more and stay away from the television.
  • Stay connected with my extended family.  There is one person in particular I need to strengthen my relationship with but I have been neglecting all of them.

Reviewing 2006

At the beginning of 2006 I made three New Year’s Resolutions, it is now time to see how I did:

1. Stay Alive – Accomplished!
This one ended up being fairly easy. My job was inside the wire at one of the largest, safest, bases in Afghanistan.

2. Learn Spanish – Nope!
The past year I learned a lot of things but Spanish wasn’t one of them. I did pick up a few words in Pashto though.

3. Get in Shape – Nope!
Eating three meals a day, getting numerous care packages filled with goodies, working mostly behind a desk, and my dislike of breathing in crap while running all led to the failure of this resolution.

Doesn’t look like I did too good this year, maybe 2007 will be better!

2006 New Year’s Resolutions

Well a new year is upon us which means I have to put together some resolutions for 2006. Due to my deployment I’m going to keep the list short this year.

1. Stay Alive
Being in a combat zone I feel this is important to my health and welfare for the new year.

2. Learn Spanish
Everyone is talking about taking online classes to make progress towards their degrees while we are off duty. I only have two classes left for my major in Social Work: Social Work Practice III. and a Field Experience (internship). Neither of these can be done online or through the mail. I figure learning Spanish will be the most productive thing I can do to help me in the civilian world.

3. Get in Shape
yeah, I had to throw this traditional one in. Doing PT is good but eating three full meals a day with a desk job can cancel out the effects of the PT.

We’ll see how I do!